Need Custom Timber?

Sometimes, residential and commercial construction requires custom timber that can't be found in your typical hardware store. That's when you need custom sawing straight from the source. Contact N.C. Hunt Lumber to learn more about your options in Jefferson or Damariscotta, ME.

Custom sawing is typically anything over an 8-by-8 foot board. At our current plant, we're capable of custom timber up to 26 feet. Call us today to discuss your options.

Enjoy the freedom to think bigger

Don't let the limitations of a retail hardware store lower the potential of your project. At N.C. Hunt Lumber, we can cut it all. Turn to us for:

  • Precision trims
  • Blocking orders
  • Odd or unique dimensions
Stop by and speak with us today. We'll listen closely to your needs and produce custom timber that will help you reach your goals in Jefferson or Damariscotta, ME.