When you need to get some numbers and discuss your ideas, here are your direct contacts in either Jefferson or Damariscotta.


Ryan Bremer: General Manager — rbremer@nchuntlumber.com
John Bryant: inside sales — Jbryant@nchuntlumber.com
Lori Wallace: inside sales — lwallace@nchuntlumber.com


Dave A. Smith: General Manager — dsmith@nchuntlumber.com
Donnie McKay: Outside Sales — dmckay@nchuntlumber.com
Ryan Basset: Outside sales — rbassett@nchuntlumber.com
Marissa Peters: inside sales — mpeters@nchuntlumber.com
Steve Smith: Purchaser — ssmith@nchuntlumber.com
Derek Reed: Shipper — retailshipper@nchuntlumber.com

Design/Drafting Services

Nancy Bagley: Designer — nbagley@nchuntlumber.com
Debbie Dunham: Designer — ddunham@nchuntlumber.com
Will Brenner: Inside Sales — Wbrenner@nchuntlumber.com


Dzmitry Yushkouski: Accounting — bookkeeping@nchuntlumber.com
RoseMary Feyler: Account setup/recievable — ar@nchntlumber.com
Kelly Cushman: HR — kcushman@nchuntlumber.com
Katie Hunt: HR — HR@nchuntlumber.com
Debbie Leavitt: Receiving — dleavitt@nchuntlumber.com