Delivery Truck Specs/Info

The following information is an approximate guess to figure out what vehicle will be sent to deliver our yard and road materials.

Choosing which vehicle to send for delivery also depends on jobsite delivery limitations. In other words, we might have to do more than one trip with a smaller truck if we can't safely deliver with a bigger truck. It all depends on the jobsite location.

7-Yard Dump Truck

Mulch: 1-7 yards
Soil: 1-7 yards
Sand: 1-7 yards
Stone/Gravel: 1-7 yards

14-Yard Dump Truck

Mulch: 8-14 yards
Soil: 8-14 yards
Sand: 8-14 yards
Stone/Gravel: 8-14 yards


Mulch: 15-25 yards
Soil: 15-25 yards
Sand: 15-22 yards
Stone/Gravel: 15-18 yards

Dump Trailor

Mulch: 26-50 yards
Soil: 25-35 yards
Sand: 25-30 yards
Stone/Gravel: 19-25 yards

Live Floor (Only used to deliver wood mulch)

Mulch: 51-125 yards

Dump Trailor and Live floor are tractor trailer trucks. They are used for commercial site delivery. If you wish to use them, check with our wholesale/dispatch.